2020-2024 Tesla Model Y Precut Paint Protection Film PPF Kit- Bundle Special

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Key Features:
  • Brand: PPF
  • Country: USA
  • Compatibility: Tesla Model Y

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2020 – 2024 Tesla Model Y Precut Paint Protection kit PPF – Full Front & Full Doors Package

Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Film DIY PPF Kit (Full Front and Full Doors Bundle) Paint Protection Kit fits – will protect your full front from rock chips, bugs, and road debris.

Kit includes:
Full Hood
Full Fenders
Full Doors ( 4 Doors )
Front Bumper
Headlights + Fog Lights

Fits: 2020 – 2024 Tesla Model Y – Long Range & Performance – RWD – 


What is a Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a transparent, urethane material that can be applied to any exterior painted surface on your vehicle. In short, automotive Paint Protection Film preserves the quality of your car’s paint by reducing the risk of multiple kinds of damage, such as…

  • Chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris
  • Swirl marks created during washing
  • Chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants
  • Chemical etch marks caused by acidic contaminants
  • Hard water spots from mineral deposits
  • Oxidation (fading) from UV exposure

Benefits of PPF

The main purpose of a PPF is to act as auto paint protection. It protects the underlying paint while also preserving its aesthetics. As such, it looks as pristine as ever.


Prevents Damage

The film takes on the scratches, dust, and damages caused by flying debris and rocks. It’s not easy to damage, as well, as it’s resistant to impact and corrosion.

Most types also have a self-healing topcoat. This means that minor scratches and damages will heal over time.

The elastomeric polymers revert to their natural shape after damage. Sometimes, you have to apply heat to get the film back to its original, flawless state.

Prevents Fading

paint protection film also helps protect your car’s exterior from the sun. Exposure to the sun oxidizes the paint, leading to fading and yellowing. The film prevents that from happening as it becomes the barrier between the paint and the sun’s UV rays.


Prevents Other Types of Damages

Without some sort of protection, your car is also vulnerable to risks like:

  • Acid rain
  • Mineral deposits
  • Acidic contaminants
  • Bugs
  • Water spots
  • Swirl marks from washing
  • And more

PPF, however, is durable even to the risks above. It’s also hydrophobic, so water and mud will only slide right off your car.

Please note that the purchase of any paint protection products does not include installation tools.

Prior experience in installing paint protection is recommended.
It is advisable to conduct thorough research before making a purchase, ensuring that you possess the necessary skills for the task. 
Paint protection is ideally installed by a professional. 
All cuts in the protective material have been verified and tested by reputable precut manufacturers.
Feel free to reach out via email if you have any further questions: [email protected]






5 Customer Reviews

  1. Shawn

    Keith, I’ve just seen that my special package is now listed, and I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all your assistance.
    Receiving the bundle for my 2024 Model Y in Stek Dyno as a Christmas gift was truly appreciated. It’s exactly what I wanted.

    I couldn’t wait to be the first to write a review and express my thanks to you and the team for making it happen.

    These guys are truly awesome – they customized the package according to my preferences, and upon installation, everything fit perfectly, just as advertised.

    Thanks again!

  2. Adib

    Great combination of doors and full front for a great price.
    Received it super fast, no issues installing it, very good cuts.
    Highly recommend!!

  3. Tommy

    Great customer service, fast shipping and great packaging. The precuts were perfect.

  4. Hellen

    Experience was great. Install went well too. Saved some money with the bundle.

  5. Kal

    Good deal, the precuts were fantastic and fit well.

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