2020-2024 Tesla Model Y DIY Precut PPF Kit – Full Front Paint Protection Film

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  • Country: USA
  • Compatibility: Tesla Model Y


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2020 – 2024 Tesla Model Y Precut DIY PPF Kit – Full Front – Paint Protection Film

Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Film DIY PPF Kit (Full Front) Paint Protection Kit fits – will protect your full front from rock chips, bugs, and road debris.

Kit includes:
Full Hood
Full Fenders
Front Bumper
Headlights & Fog Lights
Partial A-Pillars

Fits: 2020,2021,2022,2023,2024 Tesla Model Y – Long Range & Performance – RWD – With Parking Sensors


This listing is not compatible with the redesigned 2024 Juniper edition of the Model Y.
Please refer to the 2024 Model Y listings, as the Juniper 2024 model incorporates new features such as a modified bumper, headlights, fenders, and headlights.

What is a Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a transparent, urethane material that can be applied to any exterior painted surface on your vehicle. In short, automotive Paint Protection Film preserves the quality of your car’s paint by reducing the risk of multiple kinds of damage, such as…

  • Chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris
  • Swirl marks created during washing
  • Chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants
  • Chemical etch marks caused by acidic contaminants
  • Hard water spots from mineral deposits
  • Oxidation (fading) from UV exposure

Benefits of PPF

The main purpose of a PPF is to act as auto paint protection. It protects the underlying paint while also preserving its aesthetics. As such, it looks as pristine as ever.


Prevents Damage

The film takes on the scratches, dust, and damages caused by flying debris and rocks. It’s not easy to damage, as well, as it’s resistant to impact and corrosion.

Most types also have a self-healing topcoat. This means that minor scratches and damages will heal over time.

The elastomeric polymers revert to their natural shape after damage. Sometimes, you have to apply heat to get the film back to its original, flawless state.

Prevents Fading

paint protection film also helps protect your car’s exterior from the sun. Exposure to the sun oxidizes the paint, leading to fading and yellowing. The film prevents that from happening as it becomes the barrier between the paint and the sun’s UV rays.


Prevents Other Types of Damages

Without some sort of protection, your car is also vulnerable to risks like:

  • Acid rain
  • Mineral deposits
  • Acidic contaminants
  • Bugs
  • Water spots
  • Swirl marks from washing
  • And more

PPF, however, is durable even to the risks above. It’s also hydrophobic, so water and mud will only slide right off your car.


Please note that the purchase of any paint protection products does not include installation tools.

Prior experience in installing paint protection is recommended.
It is advisable to conduct thorough research before making a purchase, ensuring that you possess the necessary skills for the task. 
Paint protection is ideally installed by a professional. 
All cuts in the protective material have been verified and tested by reputable precut manufacturers.
Feel free to reach out via email if you have any further questions: [email protected]






31 Customer Reviews

  1. Jon

    Plain and simple. we have four cars done with North Tints, very happy with the product and results!

  2. Norm

    Excellent place to shop. My family and I always come to North Tints for Window Film and PPF needs. I have been doing all my installs on my vehicles for years, Vinyl work, wraps, you name it. Prices are fair and the support is top notch.
    They also have residential, commercial window films. Frost film is awesome for my bathroom windows. super easy to install, you give them sizes they ill precut the window for you.

  3. Michael Chung

    I received some of the best customer support out of any business here. Jared and Ken are very quick to respond to any questions, and absolutely stand by the work this shop does.

    I did a full front coverage on my Model Y with Rayno, and full vehicle tint with Suntek. I waited a week to get my kit. Jared kept me up to date with how to install the material by providing videos and instructions.

    They also went out of their way after I had messed up the mirrors and they gave me replacement ones for free. I can’t recommend North Tints enough to anyone looking for Paint Protection Kits and Window Tint Kits.

  4. Steve Chen

    I asked them for Suntek paint protection film on my Model Y, as it is my main Daily driver. They very responsive by email. Their rate is in line and competitive with other reputable online stores. What set North Tints apart is that they are very helpful with guiding me through install process. I took my kit to local shop that uses Paint Protection 8 Mil. They said it is real material. I was able to do full front end PPF, Hood fenders front bumper side mirrors and a-pillars. All within a couple days. They are a very reputable company with genuine products.

  5. Misty Torrez

    I have been working with Sam and North Tints for the past few years. Recently, I reached out to Sam because I needed a full front coverage for my new Tesla Model Y. They were quick to respond and even though I knew that they would be busy. They were able to get my order shipped to me in less than a week. I’ve referred this company to a few of my friends and family members. They take pride with their business…you can tell by his professionalism and quick responses. I will definitely continue to use North Tints and refer their business to others. They are my go-to company for precut PPF kits.

  6. connie

    We are repeat customers. Sam has always been a pleasure to work with. The prices are outstanding.

  7. Blake

    The precut kit fits perfectly on my model y. Rayno was a great choice. They gave me installation instructions and videos to watch. I’m pleased with my install. I can’t even tell the difference between my covered panels and the doors that I haven’t covered yet. I can’t wait to do more pieces on my vehicle.

  8. Ronald Mace

    I spoke with Sam over email. Sam took the time over email to explain his clear bra and the way it would cover my vehicle. He recommended I go with a full front coverage to get the best protection from daily driving. I previously had a bad experience with a different company and their precuts for my previous vehicle. Sam explained they use the best cutting software’s with precise cuts. I bought Rayno full front for my Tesla Model Y. I received my kit within one week of ordering it. The cuts were spot on. You just have to stretch and align the edges. I was impressed with how well the material blends with the rest of the vehicle. I cant even tell the difference. Thanks again for the help.

  9. Woong

    Excellent service and support from Ken. Ken helped me and answered all of my questions before i made a purchase.
    With both window tint and clear bra protection for my Model Y P.
    In addition, he explained and took his time with me through the whole installation process, explaining the mixtures, stretching of the material etc… everything worked out perfectly.

    I have Full front installed, now its time to do the rest of the vehicle.

  10. Don wang

    No issues fit great

  11. Harry Ming

    Great customer support they were very helpful in this process.

  12. Diego

    Hydro ultra has been great to work with. Have had it on for 2 years now these guys really have the best product!

  13. James

    Hydro Tek ultra 10 mil is the way to go I wasn’t quite sure on what product to buy at first but Kenny told me about this and assured me that this was the meta thanks again will be purchasing again very soon!

  14. Detail R’us

    Kenny and Mike, I appreciate all the help guys, you are wonderful, ill tip you guys, you deserve a beer, you work very hard. Thank you helping my customers project, car turned out superb, no stretch marks, love your 10 Mil Hypertek film is super easy to work with, i think its going to be my go to film from now on for the shop.

    U guys Rock ^^^^^^^

    Ill post some videos soon on YouTube, your new film is amazing.
    I’m very amazed how easy it is to stretch and install compared to other brands.

    I’ve done some testing, and its holding up very good, water repels of it like butter. I’m speechless

    Thank You
    Detail R’us

  15. Sean

    Northtints was very helpful through my journey to self wrapping the full front ppf on my new Tesla Model Y. I was about to quit, but got tips and encouragement from them. Now it’s all wrapped and looking beautiful. The bumper was probably the hardest part.

    The shipping was fast and they respond fast to any questions. Fully recommend the team at NorthTints.

    Thanks NorthTints!

  16. Dee

    Support is amazing, product is just wow, protecting my tesla, I can drive now knowing I wont get my front end of my Tesla destroyed.

  17. Kyle

    Installation was a breeze with right setting, with help from my wife.

    Kenny and Jerry are legit and knowledgeable and top in their field, had a pleasure talking to them in person.

    Without you guys, I don’t think we would have pulled the trigger on this. You made it easy for us.

    I’ll be buying another kit very soon for my wife’s Tesla coming in September of this year.

  18. G. Garcia

    I have saved myself so much money over the years applying Precut Paint Protection Film.

    First few times has been challenging installing, bumper specially was difficult, now if I brag a little, I think I can work for a shop, and knock them out quickly, HAHA.

    If you know tricks of the trade, the shops who charge 3k to install full front are ripping us all off.

    Material costing me 600$ and a days of work.

    Yes took me sometime to become a pro, but well worth my time. I love cars, and saving $$$

  19. Jonathan

    I’m thrilled to share my outstanding experience with the paint protection kit I purchased from North Tints. The quality of the kit is truly remarkable, providing exceptional protection for my vehicle’s paint. What truly sets North Tints apart is their knowledgeable and supportive customer support team. They were readily available to answer all my questions and provide guidance throughout the installation process. The kit’s precision and fitment were top-notch, making the installation smooth and hassle-free. The added layer of protection against road debris and minor abrasions gives me peace of mind while driving. I wholeheartedly recommend North Tints for their exceptional products and customer service, and I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase.

  20. Simon

    I’m delighted to share my experience with the Tesla Model Y full front paint protection film (PPF) kit. This kit has proven to be an absolute game-changer in preserving the front-end aesthetics of my Model Y. The comprehensive coverage offered by the PPF is exceptional, shielding my vehicle from the hazards of daily driving. The installation process was surprisingly straightforward, thanks to the precise pre-cut design that perfectly matched the Model Y’s contours. Not only does the PPF effectively guard against rock chips and road debris, but it also seamlessly integrates with the car’s design, maintaining its sleek appearance. I also want to commend the manufacturer’s attention to detail and quality. The film’s durability and clarity are outstanding, ensuring that my Model Y’s paint remains in showroom condition. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the Tesla Model Y full front PPF kit and would highly recommend it to fellow Tesla enthusiasts who want to safeguard their investment while enjoying a flawless finish.

  21. Delajah

    Good fitment in the precut. Must be stretched to fit perfectly.

    Good material also.

  22. Hoa

    Fast reply, well priced, and professional at every level. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a quality precut kit, Stek is amazing product, love that it has ceramic coating built in.

  23. Lars

    I must say, after all the years i have used these guys, they just get better and better, cuts from he software’s they use, have improved dramatically.

    This is my 5th kit i have purchased from there, its me or cuts way easier to install?
    Kenny is the man for sure, i owe you beer buddy, you have helped me from day 1. Much appreciate it.

  24. David.C

    Wonderful staff, great product.

  25. SR

    Top tier customer service, very honest and good pricing. If i say so my self I did excellent job on my windows and PPF with their help on my Tesla.
    Quick replies, almost instant, extremely polite and professional

  26. Felix

    Works! If you own a Tesla don’t look elsewhere, buy from here.

  27. Andrey

    Really great customer service. Super impressed with the staff, very kind and willing to work with you to get your desired outcome. Well done team.

    Would highly recommend for window tint and precut ppf kits..

  28. Gabe

    The customer service offered by Dwight and the team does not exist elsewhere in today’s world. He and the team are incredibly responsive and their willingness to help is exemplary. They made the purchase process seamless and the patience they afforded during my multitude of questions was greatly appreciated. 6 out of 5 stars 80% of the time, every time.

  29. Donna

    Amazing company to buy from. 4th Tesla for me and went well as expected.

  30. Brayden

    Great kit, fits perfectly.
    I’ve always had STEK on all my vehicles.

  31. Nelly

    Good product and cuts

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