Commercial Window Film

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  • Brand: Commercial Window Film
  • Country: USA
  • Compatibility: Commercial Windows

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Commercial Window Film

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Commercial window tinting and film installations are some of the best investments businesses can make. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a commercial window film with sun control and energy-saving properties is one of the top investments in all energy conservation technologies. With tested solutions like 3M’s commercial window films, businesses and office buildings can see a positive ROI in as little as three years after installation. In turn, quality window film solutions deliver one of the fastest paybacks in energy-saving technology.

Commercial office buildings and industrial businesses in particular face significant challenges in terms of temperature moderation, heat control, and occupant comfort. The reason for this is simple. Office spaces and commercial buildings often have lots of windows and open work environments. One of the smartest investments you can make in a commercial or industrial property is to hire a reputable, experienced company to install the industry’s best window film.

But not all commercial window tinting and film installations are treated equally. Both the type of commercial window film and how it is installed lends to certain features that are more desirable than others, depending on the location, layout, and unique challenges of a particular building.






4 Customer Reviews

  1. Samantha

    It works well, I always gotten my vehicles tinted but never imaged i can put film on my office windows, gathering sizes took some time, Kenny was a great help, he helped me every step of the way, got all windows done, super easy to install film, windows are flat, no shrinking required.

  2. Michael

    Keeps my sons room super cool, i cannot believe the difference it makes, HOA approved!

    I also had my office done my professional’s, needed to add few extra windows, now i can do this myself, precuts are super nice, me and my husband got it done in few hours, saved ourselves a bunch of $$.
    It my not be like pros will do it, but for the amount we saved, you cant beat it.

  3. Kate

    Window film OMG, makes such a huge difference, i can seat next to the window now, sun doesn’t burn me, helps my screen from seeing shadow and glare.

    Should of pulled the trigger sooner.

  4. Louis

    I have to say the film really works, i always had my car windows tinted, didn’t know house window tint was a thing till now.
    Arizona heat is no joke, this film cuts down so much glare and heat in my bedroom, just WOW.

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