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I have located my precut kit listed on Northtints.store, but the listing doesn’t have an actual pattern design for my vehicle.

All Listed precut kits on our website are In stock and ready to be cut and shipped.
We are designing the pattern images as fast as we possibly can with our busy work schedule. If you are trying to see what comes with the kit, It’s written in the product description.

If you would like us to get you a picture of the actual cuts before purchase, please >>>> Contact Us  <<<<

Want to install your own Paint Protection Film?

Required Tools:
32oz Spray bottle X2 (Zep Bottles Work Well)
Clay Bar (Fine Grade or Medium Grade)
Heat Gun (Wagner Furno 300 is Our Personal Preference) 
Baby Shampoo (Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo)
Isopropyl Alcohol 70% (You can use any grade as long as it is 70% or greater, brand doesn’t mater) 

In our 25 years of experience, we found that 70% is the most commonly found in stores and has seemed to work the best for us.


Tac Solution: 10% – 15%  Isopropyl alcohol 70%, and the rest Water.

Slip Solution: 3 – 5 drops baby shampoo the rest water per 32oz bottle.

You can use any isopropyl alcohol ranging from 70% – 100%, it does not make a difference in the tac solution. 

You can add more drops of baby shampoo if the slip solution fills like its still sticking very easy.

Its important not to add to much soap because you can coat the film with a haze which is hard to clean off. 

The material should still be a little hard to move around when lying on the panel with just slip solution sprayed. 

The point of the slip solution is to let the material sit for minutes at a time while you work on one section of the fender or hood so when you get the the other side you can lift the film up without causing a stretch mark on the glue and refresh the surface. 

You can install paint protection with just water but it would be hard if you have zero experience working with paint protection.

That is why there are tack and slip solutions to make it easier for beginners. 


Paint Protection Brands

3M Pro Series 4

3M Pro Series 200 Gloss

STEK Hydrophobic

  • Virtually invisible car paint protection film that does not alter the color or design features of cars.
  • Protects vulnerable painted areas of the vehicle from scratches, chips and stains
  • Self-healing technology allows minor scratches to disappear
  • Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series is backed by a 10 year warranty, which covers defects including yellowing and cracking.
  • Does not have logos on the backing paper
  •  A defining characteristic of Rayno Creed is that it will maintain its clarity over time without changing colors or yellowing.
  • It will keep water and various stains from affecting your car’s exterior. It’s superior top-coating material and technology offer hybrid functions of keeping high density and elongation together without sacrificing one for another — and this uniquely co-existing hybrid top-coating provides excellent anti-stain performance.
  • Ultra-clear and high gloss surface without giving an orange peel.
  • Superior adhesive layer that allows the product to be cleanly and completely removed without leaving residue.
  • Exceptional elongation properties, providing ease of installation.
  • Hydrophobic Top Coatin
  • 3M Logo is not on the backing paper.
  • DYNOshield provides you with a premium top-coated Paint Protection Film (PPF). It’s nano-ceramic top coat is bonded to the film at a molecular level providing extreme hydrophobic properties and virtually eliminating the need for waxes and after-market top coatings. DYNOshield also has strong self-healing properties allowing light surface scratches to “heal” back to a smooth and glossy finish. Our proprietary top coat combined with UV-resistant, anti-yellowing adhesives gives DYNOshield unique clarity and performance with extreme puncture resistance. 
  • Glossy Finish
  • Hydrophobic (Advanced water repelling properties)
  • Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants)
  • Stain Resistant
  • Fast Recovery Self – Healing (by heat or hot water)
  • DYNOshield paint protection film is warrantied for 10 Years against yellowing and cracking.
  • No logo on the backing paper