Read Before You Buy



Question: I see you’re offering additional installation support for $129.99 for Full Front Kits. What does it include?


  1. Additional support for $129.99 will include one of our Pro installers with over 25 Years of experience guiding you through the process of installing your paint protection kit.
  2. Additional support can be also purchased after you place the order or after you receive the kit and you need additional support after reviewing the videos we provide.
  3. Installation Support is only provided on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am and 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. Two weeks in advance appointment scheduling is required due to the high demand.

Question:   I just purchased paint protection kit, will I get installation instructions?

Answer:  You will be given instructional videos via email you provided during checkout on how to install the kit.
We will not provide any email support from our in shop professional installers unless Installation Support is purchased.

Question:   I purchased your kit, but its a little short?

Answer:  This is actually the way it supposed to come, in order to make it fit, material needs to be stretched, surface of the panel most likely is not flat, so there for you need to tac one corner and stretch it to the next corner.

Question: I submitted my order. What other information do I require to proceed with completing my order?


  1. Within 24-48 hours, our plotting department will email you with the email provide when you were placing the order to confirm the order. You will need to continuosly check your email
  2. To expedite the process, you will need to reply to that email that is sent out for order confirmation email. 
  3. One of our members will get back to you once you reply until we confirm the orders.
  4. We will not cut any orders until you as the customer confirm the precuts via email.

Question: Will the kit be cut to fit my vehicle specs Make / Model / Year and Trim?

Answer: All orders are confirmed over email with pictures confirming all the wrapped edges, headlamp washers, parking sensors, and tow hook options with each customer before sending the order to our plotting team.

Question: If my order is damaged or lost in transit when in the possession of UPS, what do I do?

Answer: You are required to purchase shipping insurance for any kit. If the package arrives damaged or is lost during shipment, we will have to contact UPS and open a claim to get your money back. We are not responsible for any damaged orders or lost packages. This is the consumers responsibility to retrieve the funds back from UPS.